Wednesday, August 02, 2006

At the Door


Natalie B said...

Sulea, you have such a talent for colour/assemblage/drawing/painting.... Does anyone else in your family draw/paint? Have you ever done lessons, or is this something you've developed over time. I love love love this picture also. Big hugs Natxx

Sulea said...

hey Nat,
I'm pretty sick at the moment with the flu. No, one one in my family draws or paints. Actually, the buddha is the first painting i ever painted... and the "planting love" the second, and this one the third... LOL.


Natalie B said...

Wow!! I'm even more blown away Sulea. Take care of yourself and hopefully you are better soon.

Nat xx

Dotee said...

This is SO good Sulea (I love your name). A very striking painting. I like how you incorporate images of love into your work.