Sunday, July 30, 2006

Planting Love

I have replaced the initial pastel yellow painting with this one, which i feel is the true reflection of this story.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Art of Discovery

I had forgotten how much i love to paint. I don't remember painting anything good. Perhaps because i never did know what to paint. Painting can be very personal because it tells the story of you. The deeper you get, perhaps the more amazing the discovery could be.

It should never be about perfection because the striving to be perfect means you are always striving to be perfect. It is impossible to be perfect being the insignificant speck of dust that we are in the universe. Also, not everyone will agree to your kind of perfection even if you did think you attained it. You could stare at that perfect piece of work that you think you have and in time, you'ld probably think of ways to perfect it even more. Striving for perfection seems like an exercise in disatisfaction and preoccupation in overcoming it. You could almost say perfection is a delusion.

You could say one thing was perfect in comparison to another which wasn't. Or perhaps if there was nothing to compare with, then it would be perfect wouldn't it? or if there were too many things to compare with, perhaps nothing is perfect, or everything is perfect?

I've been sitting here thinking..but what is perfect?

If i can think of one thing that was perfect, it would be something unconditional and without doubt of its perfection. What is unconditional.... but Love?

To be perfect would then mean that every single particle of you would have to be composed of atoms of unconditional love. If we were to entertain the thought that we were composed of atoms of unconditional love, would it then not mean that everything was already perfect as it was/is?

Simply though, i love to paint because i love to discover things i didn't know before. Sometimes discovering that i do not know.

Perfection to me means infinite possibilities and neverending discoveries. Perfection meaning there is no end, no final product and the epitomy of eternity that continues endlessly. Every moment is unhinged - free. To suspend perception and judgement just enough, to reveal something transcendental. That is the theory anyway. To be completely unhinged might land one in the nuthouse. haha.

Here is a picture i painted a few months ago that I wanted to share. :)

Empty me of myself

Empty me - of the burden of myself
of all tears , doubt and pain
Empty me - until I am no more

Empty me of myself
like a clear sky with no clouds
Empty me of myself
like a clear pool with no ripples
Empty me of myself
mind-less with no thoughts

and in that clarity
and in that silence - Conscious
Unobscured by perception or delusions

released from the struggle to be
not attached to this moment or the next
no going or arriving
no inner or outer space

no more.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bit BOB atcs

I had a bit bob day today... that it what these atcs made me think of. You can't quite tell from the scans, but the little hinged booklet on the atc to the left opens up and there's a torn transparent acetate film in the framed window.. it's like a mini booklet.

I am so way overdue with return atcs. Sometimes it's just hard to keep up with mail and keeping track of what I'm supposed to do and I don't really get that many great atc days. Most of the time i have the ideas but have to wait for the right moment to carry out these ideas. Like this morning, part of me wanted to do this acrylic painting on the canvas with all these ideas.. and the other part felt pressured to do some cards for a swap, and another part needed to do return atcs.. and in the background somewhere a scenery was itching to come out. In the end, i just did laundry and watched some tv while i waited for myself to sort myself out ROFL.

Good thing it did ... because now at least i got some of my to do list done. :o)

This one on the lower left is a variation of the red... i used blue frames. I love sepia. I think it's the best colour ever. Maybe I'll get sick of it one day but not today. Perhaps the reason I like it so much is it reminds me of biscuits, not that I eat many biscuits.. but it reminds of christmas star and heart shaped cookies..

Okay that's it for tonight. I better shoo myself to bed, so I can get up in the morning to go to work. :o)

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Lake

This was a lesson in composition and underwent several trials. I'm pretty satisfied with the final outcome although not one of the better executed scenes. Love the snail :o)