Sunday, July 30, 2006

Planting Love

I have replaced the initial pastel yellow painting with this one, which i feel is the true reflection of this story.


Dotee said...

Oh this is just gorgeous Sulea!!!

I love the images on this. What a beautiful work of art. So gentle and loving. Do you sell your work?
This is a very, very special piece.

Sulea said...

hi Dotee,

Thank you for your lovely compliment :o)i haven't sold my work but have thought about it :o)


Dotee said...

You are very talented. I would be very interested in buying some of your art.
Is this for sale? It really speaks to me.
Thanks for your post regarding my altered tins too. Will send you link on where you can buy the molds if you like.

Natalie B said...

Ohhh Sulea I would love to buy at least one of your pieces too. I love the Buddah! If you dont want to part with him I understand. When I say at least one of your pieces, I mean I'd love to buy most of them LOL as I love love love your work... Nat

Sulea said...

hi Dot and Nat,
Yes please regarding the link for moulds!

Um i'm really humbled that you guys like my 2 paintings!!! At this time, I can only sell prints of them from the print shop on quality gloss or matt card. Please email me privately and make me an offer if you are still interested :o) Originals are not for sale at this point in time but maybe some pieces may be in the future.

Sulea :o)

Dotee said...

Hi Sulea - and Nat

Here is link to Ebay for one of the faces - hope it works for you!

I love the change of color on this one. And would love to buy a glossy print from you.

Will email you shortly!


Dotee said...

Here is the link - let me know if it doesn't work and I will send to you via email.

Dotee xx