Saturday, August 12, 2006

Collage - Starry night

I can't believe i made it through this week. With various people being off sick and extra work coming in, i thought that if anyone piled one more thing on me, i was going to walk out the door. But i didn't LOL. I just kept thinking how the weekend would be here soon and i'ld get to paint something.

So the something turned out to be this..... i guess it's a reflection of what the week has been like and amidst all the chaos, remaining true to that spark of hope and clarity, not succumbing to the chaos.

Meanwhile, my craft area looks like it's been hit by a bomb. Something about painting... it is as though the whole table imploded or something LOL and i've got paint all over the sleeves of my pyjamas... maybe i'll take a photo of it tomorrow haha :o)


Dotee said...

Hi Sulea

Sounds like you have had a very busy week!

Love this painting (you are so good at them). Lovely image.

I laughed at the image of you with paint on the sleeves of your jammies! Most of the weekend I had alcohol ink under my nails!!.

Julie H said...

Sulea this is wonderful, so many messages, peace and chaos, searching and finding.

Just lovely.