Friday, August 04, 2006

Collage - Bird Song

In my semi-delirious state from the flu, i thought i would try out a collage. Thanks Natalie for the background instructions!!! i had a lot of fun with this one. I also tried making an altered dolly yesterday but i think he scares me LOL.. so i am going to give dolly making another go.. maybe i'll post a picture later ...

time for some food... a starving artist needs fuel some time, although i don't know if you would call chicken nuggets food LOL.. yea don't worry i've got the flu, who knows what i'm on about.


Natalie B said...

Hi Sulea

Love it! How did you do the collage bit?? Not the background bit as I know how you did that. LOL

Sulea said...

hey Natalie,

felt like i was making paperdolls ROFL... i drew the girl on white card and used her as a template for arms and dress. Then she got painted... dreww assembled and glued onto the background! :oD

Dotee said...

Oh, I love this Sulea! And the little round birdie is adorable.
Am sure your altered doll isn't that scary lol.
I finished the one I was making for you. Will send it off to you on Monday (as soon as you send me your address via email).
Chicken nuggets are gooooooood(just had some!).
Hope your flu breaks soon.


Dot xx

susan j said...

I want to know how to do the background bit!! This looks sensational!

Natalie B said...

Thanks Sulea for sending me this gorgeous creation. Such amazing talent!

Big hugs Natxx