Saturday, August 05, 2006

Doll - Snuckles the Demented Bird

this thing cracks me up everytime i look at it. Dot this is your new doll ROFL.. sorry about the bad sewing, i told you i couldn't sew but he's one of a kind. He is Snuckles, Puffy Chick's cousin LOL. I am so proud of my bad sewing, i couldn't wait to post it on my blog haha... i'm also sending you the scary doll i made before this one.. that one will be a surprise LOL.

P.S i am not responsible for any loss of limbs during postal transit due to my bad sewing ROFL

okay someone just said he's the red rooster mascot.. lol


Dotee said...

He heeee...Sulea I LOVE Snuckles the Demented Bird!!! I laughed out loud when

Dotee said...

Mmmm...not sure why that posted when I hadn't finished typing my message!

I laughed out loud when I saw your post and the pics of Snuckles(love his name).

Can't wait to see him in person!!!

And if he is a cousin of Puffy Chick's he will be a good egg *grin*.

Thanks for making him for sure your sewing is fine. Look forward to seeing him and the ' scary' doll soon.

Will post off your art dolls (I have made 2 as well) tomorrow!

So glad you are having fun with the art dolls - that's what it's all about :)

Holly Stinnett said...

Hi Sulea! I'm Dot's friend. Your writing cracks me up and this little demented birdie is quite funny. I love it that you're so proud that you can't sew. That's fantastic. We should all be proud of things we can't do! Holly

Sulea said...

good morning! hi Holly and Dot :oD haha... thanks for the comments girls :o) should get my sewing machine out.. i wonder if it still works!