Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's raining again

It's raining again.. was just feeling a little like this collage this morning.. feeling unmotivated today. One of those days where maybe waking up at 7 am wasn't such a good idea... maybe i should crawl back into bed.

Hope everyone else is having a creative sunday. There was a discussion lately on a yahoo stamping groups about lost stamping mojo.. actually i am starting to feel a bit guilty about not using my stamps lately but if i'm not motivated in that direction, i know better than to try. it usually ends with frustration. It's good to do different things every now and then. I think maybe we get stuck in a particular pattern of thinking/creating and the creating process loses it's empowerment. It's good to do something completely different like maybe altered art or something. If you have to, cleaning really gives the contrast of what you would rather do and it might kick start the mojo LOL.

i took a picture of my disaster area (craft table).. I have to clean it if i want to stamp. Painting collages is more forgiving that stamping when u get smudges.


Julie H said...

This looks so-oo familiar, the desk not the fabulous collage. I produce some of my best work when my desk is a disaster zone.

The collage is another amazing art work. Are the tree's around the edge stamped or free drawn?

Sulea said...

hi Julie,

:o) thank you. Yes the trees are handrawn :o) i really need to clean my desk tonight.. so i can play this weekend LOL.