Sunday, August 20, 2006

Collage- Whimsical

Some things cannot be spoken of,
Only through love can all things be understood,
From the inside out,
Set yourself free from yourself,
Let love cross all barriers.


Natalie B said...

So gorgeous Sulea. Such a beautiful poem also. Love the colours...big hugs Nat

Dotee said...

Sulea - your art just gets better and better. Lovely image and poem.

Dotee xoxo

kerrip said...

Hi Sulea,
wonderful collage. I love your use of handwritten text, and this piece has such a pleasing flow (as well as great color.) - Thanks for visiting my blog. Your work is amazing.

susan j said...

OMG this is freakin awesome!! I am speechless, which is rare.

susan j said...

In fact can I just say that every single one fo these you have done is SENSATIONAL!!!!! How do you do that collage background? Can someone please tell me? I NEED to know.

carmel said...

Oh Sulea - what a branch out into the world of painting! so different from your other work - simply gorgeous.
Cheers, Carmel

dogfaeriex5 said...

thank-you for stopping by my blog and your nice comments! i love your drawnings, they are beautiful!
i really enjoyed making the dollies and i think i will continue making them, it is fun to embellish them and see their personalities form..good luck with yours!!

Sulea said...

hi Susan,

Thank you for your lovely comments.
The background is done with layers of paint. What you could do is first paint the canvas/paper with a layer of paint, say blue mixed with white. On another paper, paint some dark blue (draw some patterns on this if you wish), then smoosh both papers together and pull. Continue to smoosh until all paint is transfered. You can add more layers of paint. I like using a layer of titanium white smooshed to blend the background colours together. i hope that helps. If not,email me at and i'll reply :o)