Saturday, August 19, 2006

Collage/Drawing - Sadness

Sometimes there are things that aren't talked about because it's not the kind of thing people want to know, and yet there is such a desperate need to let someone know. A silent desperate plea for help , a realization that you are drowning and that this is one time you cannot help yourself out of the despair. You watch helplessly as the last glimmer of hope in you gets smaller and smaller and the fear that it might wink out, yet at the same time you hope that if it winks out, you might finally feel some relief. What keeps you going from day to day is the faint hope that perhaps if someone knew, they'ld love you anyway no matter what.

This picture is the story about the little child inside many of us who at some time in our lives have suffered a great sadness and isolation. It is about the friend who ended it all, and it is about friend who survived because someone came along and gave them a hand. It is about the unconditional love that would heal all hurt and it is about the acceptance, forgiveness and understanding that comes when we love. It is about that smile, that hug, that hello that prevented that light from winking out... it is about self worth without conditions and meaningful friendships.


Julie H said...

Oh Sulea what a poignant reminder about what matters in life, people. Thank you.

Dotee said...

Sulea - this image bought tears to my eyes. The image of the little bird offering up a heart to the child on the high chair is incredibly special.

Thanks for creating this. You are a beautiful soul..