Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Creative space........

This was the little desk i used to have..........

Ever wondered how your little desk ever turned out to a whole room full of stuff??? i've stopped buying "stuff" nowadays.... or so i tell myself. I remember when i was first introduced into the world of stamping, actually it started off with scrapbooking and then finding out that some people actually have a whole house full of scrapbook "stuff" or a whole basement or attic or sometimes even a second house in the backyard ..... i thought i wonder if i could do that but in an economical way.
Actually in Australia, every so often there is a collection by the council and people put out all their old furniture and "junk" out for the trucks to come and get... some people go junk hunting by driving around the streets until they see something they like. We happened to be driving along on different ocassions and dragged home cabinets... huge pieces of wood (which was then converted to my corner desk, and that huge table in the middle of the room is made from wood thrown out behind a factory. My magazine rack was one thrown out from an auto shop (we
asked just to make sure)... and the shelving on top of my side desk also "junk". The shelf with the stamps was $2 at the markets. i love my creative space. i think it makes it extra special when all these bits have been put together. In some ways, it feels like they all came together for me. So thank you to the universe for the gifts!!! :o) i wouldn't have had it any other way.
wouldn't mind some quirky wonky wooden yellow and red chairs...... mmmmmmmm

and this is my creative space now...........


Dotee said...

Oh Sulea - what a fantastic creative space! I love the story of how it all came together. All of your bargain finds. It looks like a great place to make art.
I can just see you pending hours here happily creating.

A big yay for you!

Julie H said...

It is amazing how much 'stuff' we collect. You are, as I expected, very organised. I live in fear that when I die either my family will have to send a search team into my craft room or there will be an archaelogical dig to discover what is in there! What a lovely sunny space!

Holly Stinnett said...

I love being able to see other people's creative spaces. Yours is gorgeous - and so clean!