Sunday, October 08, 2006

Illustration Friday - Trouble

I have awkward days and days where i feel stuck when it comes to doing art. It is usually because i'm not listening ... actually i get into trouble all the time when i'm not listening. I can't quite say what it is i'm listening to since there isn't anyone talking... perhaps listening to the silence which isn't really silent. Perhaps listening to that silence from which all things spring from. I get into trouble when i listen to the irrational thoughts of my mind instead of the heart's silence.


Wailin' Rob Jones said...

Nice and calm, a good way to avoid trouble, beautifully captured. Sometimes ya gotta just listen with yer gut!!

Anonymous said...

I like the style on this.

Dotee said...

Lovely Sulea. You are very in tune with your inner silence.

Dotee xoxo

Jules said...

Jeepers, I wish I could attain that serenity. Lovely job - stay out of trouble!