Saturday, October 21, 2006

Collage Painting - The love in you

'The love in you"
9.8 by 11.4 "
Acrylic on wood
I am the sun that rises and sets within you
I am the home that you carry at all times
I am the earth and the sky and everything in you
I am your best and also your lowest
I am your comfort when you need it
and when you are lost in despair and frustration
I am there when you call out,
to lead you - out of yourself
into me
I am the listener to all your secrets
and the knower
of your disapointments, fears and shame
I am patience and the compassion -
when you are too hard on yourself
but most of all
I am the love in you
that loves you unconditionally
and no matter what
I still love you.

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