Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chatter - a productive weekend

It has been a strange weekend. i haven't been enthusiasted about doing any art and yet i have created so many pieces. It's a strange thing not to feel like how my paintings turn out. i usually start with absolutely no idea.. and as the colours start to mingle, an idea or shape might appear.
i'm a little saddened that sunday is almost over and a sense of dread for monday. Lately i have been feeling slightly anxious again and i haven't had that for a while. i am trying to be optimistic and ignore those thoughts that really have no reason to exist.
The kinds of paintings i really love are the ones that surprise me at the end. I am not necessarily enthusiastic at the beginning or inspired. it's like watching someone else move around the paint and i wait patiently, curiously to see what would appear. There are times when as the observer i am not curious and i watch non conmitently as the painting emerges. i feel used at times. Other times, as the observer i am impatient and the painter gets annoyed with the impatient observer and stops painting lol.
well.. i think that's it for this weekend. :o)


Dotee said...

Hi Sulea
I can relate to this post. As I often start out with collages, ATC's etc with only a bare outline of what I am going to create. The joy is in seeing what develops. I love how YOUR art is developing. And, can see your internal growth expressed through your art.
Am sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit anxious. Hope these feelings pass soon.

A big hug from me
Dotee xoxo
P.S I posted off a little something to you today. Hope you see it by the end of the week!

Julie H said...

Hi Sulea

I have just read yor last half dozen posts - what beautiful art you create both with the words you weave and the brush you yeild.

All who know you are blessed by having you in their lives.

If the anxiety and clouds come know that it is just part of the cycle, and that just as they have cleared in the past they will clear again.

Hugs to you, and prayer for you.