Sunday, October 08, 2006

Collage Painting - Surrendering

So you were there but not here
Almost in the door but not fully
Ready for it but not totally
Full of conviction but not enough
All your jumping gear on but still on edge
Charged up with faith but completely faithless
You Surrender but only this much
helpless in your holpelessness
You hold onto yourself while trying to let go
When will you understand
that there is nowhere to go to
When will you stop trying to go somewhere
as though you were separate and foreign
Tearing yourself into two
Is it not so simple
to accept your Self
And dissolve into yourself.
You are never more yourself than Now.


irisz said...

i love this one!

Julie H said...

Sulea this is beautiful - I want to reach out andholdher hand as she works things through.