Saturday, September 09, 2006

Painting - with every fibre of my being

Ever since i started painting and doing collage, i've been wondering what kind of person paints all these various things. Am i all those things that have been painted... but why do they all look so different... is there one consistent thing inherent in them all that i could point at and say that's me?

do i believe that when we paint, we are painting ourselves? or are we painting our hopes and dreams but are they not part of what makes us the way we are.

is a good artist one who can paint subjects that are beyond themselves. Draw a line in a way that they would not normally do.. tilt the angle of your brush in a way unlike your norm.

i don't know... but i can hear myself saying, but that is how you felt in that moment in time, in that dot in the infinite time space continuum, a snapshot..

i like this painting. i like the softness, the sensuality, the tenderness. i like it because of how it makes me feel.


Julie H said...

I like it too Sulea, the trusting bird is so telling.

Dotee said...

I like how this makes me feel too Sulea. I love the expression on the woman's face and the bird looks very happy there. It is a very tender painting.