Sunday, September 03, 2006

Collage - Friend

oh Friend,
i have sought you through time and distance
longing for your love and acceptance.

i sought you amongst faces that faded in the dust,
i sought you in rivers that washed away,
i sought you in the sky that turned into night ,
i sought you everywhere known to mind,

and in everyone, i was left standing there ,
wondering why, why, why,
they were not you.

Dearest friend of mine own,
I am that blinding Light
that lit you up from the inside out - so Brightly!
that it was only my reflection that you saw
amongst those faces there.
Though i am unseen
I am the Love within you that never left
Embrace me and you will see.


Ouissi Gresty said...

This is so beautiful...I love the duck egg blue colour...

Ouissi x

Julie H said...

Sulea this speaks volumes. I like all your recent pieces. You produce so much and yet it all speaks ... I of often flick back to look at a piece of your work afr it has played on my mind for a day or two.

Dotee said...

Another beautiful piece Sulea. Your art and poetry really move me.

Dotee xoxo