Sunday, September 17, 2006

Collage Painting - Open Door

I am the ground,
you are the step
You opened the door of my heart
and filled it with love.


Natalie B said...

Wow Sulea, both of these collages are just sensational! Big hugs natx

Julie H said...

Both of these are just beautiful Sulea. The geese are such peaceful character in your collages - not at all like the ones a my local park!!

I love the whimsy of the triangle shaped boat aswell.

carmel said...

Finished up beautifully Sulea - lovely to be so connected to your soul - Hugs, Carmel xx

Sulea said...

Before i actually drew the girl holding the duck/goose, i asked someone if they were heavy LOL... they look pretty heavy but apparently are light?????
Thanks for the comments. :o)

Holly Stinnett said...

Oh Sulea, I adore this piece. You always manage to cause chills and a little tear in my eye - not many artists can do that. You are truly special.