Monday, September 18, 2006

Chatter - my weekend

I had a pretty good weekend. Had to make a trip to Ikea today as the first time we went, the table we got was slightly damaged. i can never tire of the place.. so many things to see and want!

The highlight of my weekend and week was sunday when Carmel visited me! i was so looking forward to it and I had such a great time and it's so nice to be able to share and enjoy someone's company when creating stuff. I can't wait to visit the artshop Carmel recommended me.. and getting some jo sonja paints as i haven't got any of those. I seem to go through paints like water but they come in so many gorgeous colours, how can anyone resist?

but sadly the weekend had to end and this week, i'm on training at work learning a new job. I applied for this position in the payments team at work and so learning new stuff. I was a little nervous but so far it hasn't been too stressful and my first day was quite enjoyable. Hope it continues that way and another weekend will come. Things are looking brighter and happier.
Hope everyone is having a great week.

lots of love


Natalie B said...

Sulea, I'm having trouble sending you an email. It keeps bouncing back to me. I wanted to say yes please!! Hopefully I can eventually get an email through.

carmel said...

Hi Sulea,
Same problem as Nat, your email is bouncing back - this weekend probably ok but not the next two as 30/9 Lorcan's birthday and 7/10 taking boys to Mozart concert - pls plan with you and Nat and if I can fit in I will - Nat's weekends are harder than mine to get away!!
Cheers, Carmel xx

Dotee said...

Hi Sulea

I am happy that you had such a lovely day with Carmel. I have met her and know she is great fun!!
Sounds like you girls really enjoyed yourself.

Glad to hear that you are feeling much happier. You are such a sweetie and have so much to offer this world.

Well done on your first day at your new job! I know you will succeed in this position.

And, I am with you with Ikea - love the place.

I smiled at your comment on my blog about loving Chai Latte! The Lipton's one is my very favorite and I drink it every day too. Find it is a bit tricky to find sometimes. Think I will stock up next time!