Saturday, January 10, 2009

More portraits

I have been reflecting...

Deafened by the voice of desire
you are unaware the Beloved lives
in the core of your heart.
Stop the noise and
you wil hear His voice
in the silence.
~ Rumi

This new portrait is about the relationship between the the inner self and the form, between the 'Nameless and the Name'. Where the form is seen as the door into the love that has no boundaries.
It is about trying to communicate what it's like learning to live inside out, to understand infinity in form. Surrendering by acceptance, going inward and letting go, and learning about why nothingness is not empty.


wanda miller said...

Sulea, I loooove this. so moving! thank you, wanda

Anonova said...

Great piece! I really like all of your self portrait interpretations, but this one especially has a lot of feeling and texture to it.
So nice. :)

Colette said...

Infinity in form, yes .. empty hands - open heart.

Love your quote.

Thanks for sharing your gracious self.