Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Matisse Varnish transfer ATC

I tried out an image transfer today using Matisse Polyurethane satin varnish. The idea was to paint about 5 layers of varnish onto a photocopy, letting each layer dry in between. Then soaking the image in water as you slowly rub the back paperoff.

No mishaps while getting the paper layer off and what was left was a thin see through varnish layer with photocopy image.

What i then did was rub some skin toned paint colour onto the back of the transfer to give the image some colour. You can't quite see it in the photo but she does have some colour on her face and arms.. Then i layered the image onto some dictionary paper and some of the writing has come through areas where no paint was applied.

Any marks you see on top of the images are due to my sticky fingers which had residue paint but i think it gives it a nice aged effect, don't you think? :oD

I stumbled across this technique on youtube of all places. Enjoy! :)

Ah the other cool thing i stumbled upon was the Matisse Iridescent Medium. Basically you can mix this medium with ANY acrylic colour at all and voila, you have instand shiny paint!!!!! I haven't tried it out yet but the jar sitting on my desk is calling to me... imagine all the tubes of acrylic paint you have... YES you can convert them all to sparkly iridescent paint.
I''m not trying to sell Matisse Derivan products.. they were just there staring at me while i was at shop buying canvas boards.