Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Painting - The Wounded Heart

The Wounded Heart
The heart's light loves
and in that loving, i have come to be
Without it, i am not able
for it is my breath
and through it all strength
to live another lifetime
But the walls came up
brick by brick with each beating
to protect
that precious love
Why should a loving heart
be inflicted with so much hurt?
Yet ironically the walls
became a prison
deeper and deeper it sunk
We spend most of our lives seeking
for that wounded heart
buried so long ago
But how is it that you were able
to get up from your knees
after each painful beating
and somehow had the courage to choose
how to love and comfort
to forgive and accept
Deep down beyond the tenderness of pain
The wounded heart...
The love that will not die
The love that could not die
Unyielding in unconditional loving
Healing compassionately
The wounded heart endures
in order to give


France said...

Su! That's such a gorgeously done painting, I thought it was a picture at first when I saw the thumbnails in my blog reader! Gorgeous... though the poem is a wee bit on the sad side? Is it? I hope you are ok :)

Dawnie said...

Amazing Sulea !!! Your skill just blows my mind and the poem, perfect !

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