Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Faux rust

2009 is approaching. Funny how it often starts with new year resolutions this time of the year.
My new year's resolution included trying out some new techniques that I had been meaning to try for years. Unfortunately it still qualifies for 2008 ... so I guess i tried out faux rust painting onto ATCs in 2008!!!
I started out with painting Jo Sonja 'Celadon' using the credit card technique as described on one of Kelsey's blog posts. Then I proceeded to using a tooth brush to splatter some random sprays of waterred down celadon and then copper paint. Needless to say my pyjamas are covered in paint splatter again. Using my fingers, i finger painted the alphabets, key and keyhole with the celadon and copper paint. Then with a paintbrush, i brushed in some burnt sienna in spots... and after that painted in some areas with prussian blue. Was kinda fun. :o)


Natalie B said...

awesome eye candy once again Sulea :-)

Xanapan said...

Love the colours Sulea!

jgr said...

Hi Sulea,
I have just discovered your blog and your lovely work.
Thank you for posting about the varnish image transfer technique-I can't wait to try it! I think you are going to love the iridescent medium, I have some and I really enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

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