Friday, February 15, 2008

At the end

Looking forward to the end of a day,week..
Looking forward to the end of the year,
What is at the end of these
that make longing for the end so near?

At every end - failure to find the end,
All continuous fleeting joy,
endless sad illusions
and fragile connections to the living.

Do my best or worst,
the result is always the same,
left with that same 'I'
before anything was done at all.

Time forgets successes and mistakes
as though they were never born.
A puff of memory,
focussing in and out of reality,
Is it real or just a dream.

How to know where you are ,
if you don't know who you are,
Someone is feeding me thoughts,
like a life support machine..

If only they would stop


kelsey said...

What a gorgeous piece of stamped art Sulea and to match, some beautifully thought-out words. Always a pleasure to visit your blog! ;-)

Julie H said...

Sulea those words could come from my own heart - and yet they would not flow as yours do.