Friday, February 01, 2008

Cooking on Youtube

I am so totally amazed by Youtube lately. I can't believe the kinds of things you can find on it.

By chance I stumbled upon this clip on how to fold chinese dumplings (jiao zhi) . I thought it was so cool that someone out there has posted how to fold these things. Sometimes cookbooks just don't explain the technique as well. There were many other clips on how to make various chinese foods including those triangular chinese rice dumplings wrapped in banana leaves. Due to translation problems, a lot of different types of chinese dim sum delicacies tend to go under the broad term 'dumpling'.

You can even learn to make bread, pudding or muffin from youtube ... All you have to do is go to and put "how to make muffin" in the query box.



kelsey said...

Youtube is a fantastic resource Sulea, but I didn't know they showed how to COOK!!! Amazing!!!

By the way, loved the stampscapes you sent to Dot...they look awesome!

I'm glad to see you back in blogland too, I've missed your fabulous art and your thoughts.

Sulea said...

Kelsey.. I am still gobsmacked at the number of cooking how-to's on youtube..i wonder if they show how to sew. lol..

France said...

Missed you last night. :)
Nice to see you around (Missed you too Kelsey last night!)

The only thing with Youtube is that it's easy to exceed your bandwidth when you get too excited about it!!

Dawnie said...

Been looking quite a bit at youtube ( my children watch it such a lot )Some excellent how to things but my hubby will be interested on the dumplings though.
Mmmmmm dumplings.

Hug ya

Julie H said...

Yummmmmm! Now you have made me hungry. I have a packet of those wrappers, now to find the energy to cook. The banana leaves ones sound wonderful - how long does it take a banana tree to grow I wonder..