Friday, February 01, 2008

His name is RED

hehehe i have the patience of a monkey when trying to sew. Awful sewing hahah... at least i had fun making him.. *cracks up laughing*

THAT"S IT!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE SEWING THIS YEAR... i had enough lol

sometimes you just got to do something silly even if it's a little embarassing.

Bit tired now... I"m sitting here trying to figure out what to do about Chinese New Year which is on the 7th of February... We're having my chinese friend and her husband over to celebrate next weekend and we are going to have steamboat for dinner.

What is a steamboat??? Well... it's basically a pot powered by gas or electric which has soup stock in it. And the entire table is filled with a variety of fresh raw seafood, meats and vegetables. The idea is to put the food you want to eat into the soup stock and cook it and then enjoy the food with a variety of yummy sauces. Pretty interactive and fun. I googled 'steamboat' and found a picture. By the end of the meal, you get the yummiest soup ever from cooking all the food. Not too sure where it originated from. China? Mongolia? The Koreans also have their spicy version probably with kimchi...


kelsey said...

Oh how cool your sock creatures are Sulea!!! Makes me definitely want to get back into a little sewing....these look right up my alley! Weird, quirky and maybe just a little spooky! lol

Dawnie said...

I think RED has naughty written all over him, LUV him !
Well the steamboat sounds very cool Sulea.Will speak to the 'chef' about that one too.
Squeeze Red for me.He-he


France said...

Your little "Red" is gorgeous.

That steamboat sounds delicious, sort of like a fondue, with broth, from what I understand.

It's funny, I caught a half hour of Survivor last night (haven't watched this one at all) and I think this is what the reward meal was (served on a section of the Great Wall too!).

Sulea said...


That's exactly right!!! It is a type of fondue!!! but on a larger scale hehe

Julie H said...

Another hilarious doll, I think he might scare the children, hehe. The steamboat sounds great!

Dot said...

I love RED!! And love the idea of the steamboat. Am sure you will have a lovely night out with your friends too!

Sabii Wabii said...

I love the little guys you created...don't give up! They are just too cute!

Jenny Gropp said...

Cracking up.... Love it!