Thursday, June 28, 2007

7 Random Things

I feel like it's been ages since i've actually surfed the net, let alone blogged... a couple of hectic weeks towards end of financial year and i've only just come out for air. I can't tell you what a relief it is! I hope to catch up with everyone soon.. just got to make it till the weekend.. i think i can .. i think i can... lol

okay, my friend Nat has tagged me to list 7 random things about me, so here goes, just whatever is popping into my mind.

1) i do art in my pyjamas and bathrobe which is covered in paint most of the time and i look like a mad scientist. Honest!!! i took a picture once but didn't dare post it... those of you who have seen my neat house.. i only clean before my guests arrive ROFL...

2) Give me sushi paper (nori), rice and avocado and I am as happy as a pig in mud... oh that and bubble tea (a kind of milkshake with sago balls and jelly)... and i love lipton chai lattes.

3) i have a sincere heartfelt wish everyone would feel okay about themselves. If people would just stop comparing, there would be no need for being greater or lesser.

4) i can't stop wearing brown clothes.. must be my safe colour... have a secret desire to wear skirts but i have fat legs haha

5) i have been vegetarian this week.. no i'm not a vegetarian, it just happened that way.

6) i feel like buying soldering supplies right now but i'm broke until pay day, so i am going to pretend shop later and empty the shopping cart LOL

7) I like to contemplate on the nature of being and what it means to be infinitely compassionate.

And............. I'ld like to tag (only if you want to play :) )... Carmel T and Dot C


Natalie B said...

Yay somebody else who works in their PJ's!! I love to and you're not the only one with paint on them too LOL. Thanks for playing Sulea. Big hugs to you. Natxx

Dot said...

Loved reading your 7 random things Sulea! I can relate to making art in my jammies too. And am sure I have the ' mad scientist' look (and often).

Yummmm...the food you like sounds delicious. Sushi is my favorite food. The bubble tea sounds delicious and Lipton Chai Latte is my favorite drink of choice :)

I like your other thoughts too. Especially No. 3 and 7. And No.6 made me laugh out loud (I do that too).

Will list 7 random things about me this weekend!

Julie H said...

Wonderful Sulea, so much I could relate too - but I think Lipton's chai is awful. If we meet again I will bring some of my African blends for you to try.

My Mum has bought me two new dressing gowns not realising they will end up paint splattered - I don't mean to - but I just drop into the art room and ...

I am just getting a handle on life agian and will drop you a line soon.

Joy Logan said...

I love all the things you said in your list I can relate to most and love that you said it all! Nice art work as well.