Sunday, July 01, 2007

Glass, soldering, fingerpainting and cards

It's been ages since i have made a card... and i made 2 today!!! Background on water colour paper was mostly layers of paint, some very messy finger painting, oil pastels, colour pencils.. stamping.. few bits of torn dictionary pages.. pen.. basically anything that was around my chaotic work space.

And some dodgy soldered pendants with the same painting techniques.. only miniature. The writing "To: Su Lea" in the background was part of an envelope i was using just to put the pendants in front of in case you were wondering... lol

I also learnt how to cut a large sheet of glass... let's just say it kinda did work and kinda didn't work out... i wanted to make a glass house and got as far as what you see below before i dropped the partly soldered house and cracked the glass at the front. Butter fingers. Great huh? LOL well won't be trying to make that again in a hurry. I think i might try something smaller next time. I have cut the glass panels for a smaller house. Just got to find the time. It is extremely time consuming.

And what you see below was going to be one of the roof panels. Oh well..

I wanted to paint a scenery this weekend with ghost gum trees but time just ran out on me. Now the weekend is over... i can't wait for next weekend. :o) Time for bed.............. night!


Natalie B said...

Sulea these are awesome!! I love the something fishy card!! You blow me away with your work and I love the fact that you were trying to make a soldered glass house!! You should definitely think about entering something like that to a US Magazine. That is definitely something original and funky. Nat

Dawnie said...

Awsome artwork my lovely.Hope you still crack on with the glass house.It looks amazing.Fabo charms and the art is cool, as always.

Love your style my lovely.
Hugs Dawnie xxx

Watched The Fountain and thought of you.Wonderful imagery and profound .

Dot said...

Sulea - what a fabulous art filled post! The cards are brilliant - don't know which ones I like best. And I think you are doing a great job soldering. I love the little house shaped pendant with the stick figure in it!

Well done on cutting glass for the house. You really are clever! I really admire you for trying different things. I am very nervous of glass and hopeless at soldering!

BTW I have posted 7 (rather long )random things about myself on my blog. I enjoyed doing that - thanks for tagging me!

kelsey said...

Love the cards Sulea, beautiful colours, so dreamy-looking.

Very brave of you to tackle such a large soldering/glass project as the house, I'm sure it'll look fantastic when it's finished. The piece with the crack in it, have you thought about running a piece of the copper tape across it and then soldering over the top of that, sort of like you meant it to go like that? I'd hate for you to waste something so gorgeous because of one crack!

Jacky said...

Hi Sulea,
Your soldered pieces are fantastic! Love the house and I agree with Nat, you should be getting some of this into the magazines...such inspirational art!

vivian said...

ah wow... such beautiful pieces!