Sunday, June 17, 2007

Popping in to say hi...

Another weekend gone by... I hope everyone else has had a good weekend. I didn't have anything planned and thought i'ld just put some paint onto canvas and ended up painting a portrait. Usually, i draw with a pencil first but i was curious as to what would happen if i didn't draw first. I let water streaking over the background.. leaving a watermark effect.
i don't know... somehow i do like this, maybe because it's an unpretty painting.
Have a great week everyone! I know I will try to... :o)


Natalie B said...

I like this look Sulea. Kind of haunting in a way, but that's a good thing :-) Glad you had a good weekend. Not much creating done on my part :-(

kelsey said...

I agree with Nat wholeheartedly Sulea! I do love the streaky background...really suits this painting.

Dotee said...

This is beautiful Sulea. I agree with Nat that it is haunting. Ad the background is beautiful.

I was showing my mum and one of my sisters the Dotee Doll painting you did for me over the weekend. And they loved it! (everyone who has seen it so far has loved it).