Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Love Art

I never knew what art was about until i learnt about love.

Not love in the sense of I love you and you love me, but love in the sense of loving all things, beings and the universe as i would love myself.

You never really know where the art you create comes from. You may disagree but I won't go into a spiritual discussion about this here. You can try to plan and construct something but in actual fact it comes from an unknown place deep inside you. Through the faculties and personality trait that you think you are or have, some artwork manifests with those traits. The more you love and are able to let go of the boundaries of doership or ownership, the more visible the rays of love appears in the artwork and the more you are able to catch a glimpse of that unknown force. I like to think of art as Love's reflection.

Unconditional love is not as simple as one might understand it to be, yet it is so simple like water flowing through a sieve. You may think you are the sieve but with unconditional love, you become like the water, flowing limitlessly through boundaries. You are not attached to what comes or goes, or appears or does not appear, you are everything and nothing. This might seem unfamilliar to you but these are the motivations of creating art for me.

The reason why "love" works, is that love embraces rather than reject. It enriches, sustains and motivates.

There is a song/poem by Leonard Cohen where one of the lyrics says,
"Love went on and on, until it reached an open door, and love itself, love itself was gone".


France said...

Welcome to the Blogging World, of the "artboxing" world!!!
I love reading your thoughts!
I don't know if I make more sense, I rely on my "muse"... not sure what my "muse" is but sometimes she's here and I feel her and I create, and other times, she's on holidays!
Looking forward to reading you more often!!

France said...

uh oh! I hate making typos! it should have said "or the 'artboxing' world" not of. Well, now you have two comments :) xox