Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 14, 2006

Hi, this is kinda fun... i'll call it my artbox rather than blog, sounds a bit better ;o)

I think i'm going to enjoy writing about art here and seeing thoughts appear. In a lot of ways, you tend to learn a lot about oneself when you write or any other creative art form.

When I first started scenery stamping, i was listening to a lot of country music. Music tends to stop the thinking and mind projections. The mind is a pretty dumb thing. It thinks that it's smart by thinking all the time, but really it thinks up stories, or delusions as i call them, imagined scenarios to fill up time and space. When the mind is noisy, it's hard to see things clearly and worse if you subscribe to the stories as being fact. So music is great for art because it quietens the mind and tricks it for a while.

Lately, i've been art-ing without music. Difficult at first but as i get into the day, the art takes over i guess. I'm really grateful and thankful when some art appears and i get to see what appears. That is the fun part. i won't take credit for what appears because in all honesty, i didn't do it. Something did it when i dissappeared when the thoughts dissappeared.

I like that.. Art appears when i disappeared. Hah.. who would understand what i just said?

Anyway... the scenery i did on the weekend (above) was done with a friend in mind who is having a baby anytime soon. The best sceneries are the ones made to be given away.

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