Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Edge of Existence

This is one of my favourite pieces. When i show people stuff that i've done, they always seem to pick the ones that are my least favourites. I don't know why and I've often wondered. Maybe someone could clue me in on this.

Anyway, this piece is about finally getting to the edge of the world after climbing the evolutionary ladder(the world representing all things known which has form and conformity), and the desire to let it all go, to release and plunge, merging into infinity. Too bad the guy never actually does it. The irony of it is he is frozen in that piece of artwork unable to realize his dream. For that I am at fault.

The birds... well they came to welcome him or say goodbye. Whichever works better ;o)

1 comment:

Natalie B said...

Sulea I love all your work... everything you do. Do you sell any of your pictures? I'd love to commission one??? LMK Nat