Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 gum trees and a lonely cow

I couldn't wait to post.. This painting has been going on for weeks and each week a little is added to it. It will have more cows, some pebbles in the sand, some grass fixing.
I don't know if I was passionately motivated to finish it like my other paintings in one sitting but there was a lot of patience, silence and a curious persistence to carry on.
My dad has requested an autumn landscape but the idea of painting red and yellow trees make me cringe because of the difficulties in it. I'm not sure I would understand how to balance bright colours. If that fails, he is getting this gum tree painting.
Apart from this painting, nothing much else is going on in my neck of the woods. Anyway, here is the painting.. You can see a larger version of it here (Flickr album)
acrylic on canvas


miz katie said...

i'm sure your dad will love it.

Mischief Maker said...

This is great - when are you going to paint one I can buy?

Xanapan said...

Fantastic work as always SuLea

janie said...

Sulea, I stumbled upon you today. Your works are SO thought provoking! The cow painting is timely, cuz my dad wants me to paint a cow painting for him.I'm scared to do that- if he doesn't like it, then he thinks he has to hang it! But, I should be thinking whatever I do he will like because it will be made with love for him!. I didn't see an email for you, but I would really like to talk about exchanging links. I am also a self taught artist at and a blog on Let me know what you think. Janie