Monday, February 09, 2009

Work in Progress - oil painting

i'm back to teaching myself how to paint ... it feels like i'm fumbling in the darkness trying to work out how to make things look the way i wish they would look. It is all very frustrating.
This painting actually started 6 months ago. It was a bluer picture then with little brown or yellows. Then i decided to make it a brown yellow painting. May add some more cows later, i'm not sure yet. It's alright........ by far not where I would like it to be. Oil painting seems harder than acrylic. Maybe i'll try painting the same scene in acrylic and see what happens.
I had a disaster with apples few weeks ago and abandoned it. i dunno. i lose interest so easily but have this desire to work through the difficult issues. I will paint a million gum trees if i have to and grass.. why is grass so difficult to do.
Anyway.. this painting isn't finished yet. I thought i would post something...

PS at least the cows look cute.... hehe


Chocolate Cat said...

Oh my goodness - your work is amazing! I love this, especially the cows!

Mischief Maker said...

Ok my mother wants to know how much you will sell it for and I KNOW she won't let up until you tell her! She loves the gum trees and the cows. And when the hell are you going to teach me!!!!!

wanda miller said...

yay! you're back. and self taught? this is a BEAUTIFUL painting sulea. so peaceful, realistic and on and on. don't stop. wanda

EWian said...

Lovely, national romantic style.


joanne said...

wow...this is so so lovely...i absolutely adore the cows...and the color choices you make are so stunning...

beautiful...and i agree with wanda...don't stop!

Julie H said...

Beautiful! Will you be selling this one? let me know pleeeeeeease.

Xanapan said...

Just beatuiful SuLea - as always!