Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY!!! WOOHOO!!!!

I have been so inspired lately by the art giveaways from my friends Dotee and Dawn that I too decided that it would be nice to create something for someone to celebrate Valentine's Day!!! Dotee is holding another love art doll giveaway, so you may want to visit her blog here!!!
I didn't really know what i was going to paint at first but looks like i painted an angel lol. After several layers of paint on canvas, some transfer attempts (which i learnt from some instructions by a very talented friend Kelsey), encouraged by music from Andrea Bocelli, leaf prints from the garden, 4 hours of attention without having lunch and voila.......... this is the final outcome. hehe.
If you would like to be in the running for this piece of Original art, please put your name down in the comments section and a name will be drawn on ... how about Wednesday 14th of February!!!

'Love's Muse'
mxed media on canvas
16 by 22 cm

With much Love,


Dotee said...

Oooh Sulea what a fabulous work of art!!! Am so pleased you are taking part in this art give away that is sweeping through our blogging community.

Please put my name down (whooo hooo).

Now go and have some lunch :)

Dotee xoxo

Natalie B said...

WOWZA Sulea!! Lovely work as always... please put my name down too!! I haven't had time to make anything, as have been sick and just run down I think. But I might do an after Valentines giveaway when things settle down here a bit. I am just LOVING everything you are doing Sulea.

I agree with Dotee, go have some lunch!!

hugs natxx

Dotee said...

Hi Sulea

My friend Jacky does not have a google account so cannot leave a comment. So I am putting her name into the hat :) (she loves your art).
Dotee xoxo

littledawnieno1 said...

Wonderful artwork Sulea, so please put my name in the hat.
How fab you are joining in with the art love.

Beautiful work, as always


kelsey said...

Gorgeous work Sulea!!! What transfer technique did you use? Did it work for you? This is a beautiful piece and I'd love to have my name in for this one....glad you decided to jump on the band-wagon! lol

Ev said...

this is a totally awesome piece of work - I love visiting her to see what you have created next.

carmel said...

hey, can I join in on the fun - Sulea this is gorgeous and would love to be blessed with some of your work. It's amazing and am in awe of your talent. Hugs, Carmel xx - I am inspired to get off my rear end and do the giveaway thing as well.

Julie H said...

Oh Sulea, this curvy angel is just soooo beautiful. I would love her, but whether she is mine or not she has touched me. So good to see some more art from you.

Big Hugs

Mrs Adept said...

Your work is always so lovely and detailed.

Please pop me down for an entry too. :) That would be great.