Monday, February 05, 2007

Painting - The Burning

The Burning
acrylic on canvas
february comes
before i am ready
i look to see
what is going on
for i am in my own world
mingling in beingness
waiting for absoluteness
when will mind fall off the brink
of knowingness
into infinite

spending the days throwing thoughts
into the furnace of beingness
burning up knowingness
into paintings
and scribbles
watching passion and boredom manifest
from nothing into meaningfulness
and back again to nothingness

like the high and lows of the ocean wave
pushing and pulling
pacing to and fro
not going
anywhere at all

it all turn to dust
memories fade
never existed at all
nothing done in doing

what am i
if i never was



Natalie B said...

Sulea, this is breathtaking! Love your work as always!! Big hugs Natalie

littledawnieno1 said...

Lovely work Sulea.You have a quiet fire burning inside dont you.

Did you write this.?
I read it many times, but enjoyed reading it aloud the most.A beautiful rolling of words off the tongue.I love the words 'mingling in beingness, waiting for absoluteness'

Thankyou for sharing

Sulea said...

Thanks for leaving comments, Nat and Dawn! :o)

Dawn, yes i wrote the poetry :o) Thanks for visiting!


Dotee said...

Hi Sulea

This is such a special piece of art. And more so because of the beautiful (and sometimes sad) poetry you have written for it.

I am always moved by your art Sulea. This is such a beautiful image.

And I agree with Dawnie about you having a quiet fire burning inside of you.

Congratulations on winning of Dawnie's works of art too. Was so excited to see your name on her blog!

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