Sunday, December 03, 2006

What TIME is it???

today is lingering on hesitantly. it's all a blur as to what time it is.. some clocks in the house say it's 5:30 and some say it's 4:30. Is it time to do some gardening and weeding? If it's meant to be 5:30, why is it still so hot?
In case you are not from western australia and you're wondering what i'm talking about. We have just recently got daylight savings here. What this means is for the summer, we have to "wind" our clocks forward by an hour. There has been a lot of discussion for and against this move but ultimately, the decision was made by the government for us.
It's 5:30 i say to my other half and he goes, no it's 4:30, never heard of 5:30.. so i guess it's 4:30. Determined to ignore day light savings, he is going about as normal but i feel like i'm living in the past. When i think it's 4:30, my heart leaps with excitement to know that i have an extra hour left for the weekend but when i think i'ts 5:30, i am dissapointed.
so i look out the window, ignoring whatever time it should be and noticed that it's still hot. I'll wait till the sun goes down before i start on dinner and if i'm still in the mood when that time comes to do some weeding. There is a little resentment in me that we live our lives by the clock. It's like me an my mobile phone. I know it's modern times but carrying around a phone just doesn't agree with my idea of freedom. So i turn the volume down low and hopefully i won't hear it when it rings.
can i squeeze in another painting for the weekend? is there enough time?.........


Natalie B said...

Hi Sulea

I'm dreading tryiing to put my 2 to bed tonight at the usual time. It'll still be daylight!

Julie H said...

Hehe. I did not vote for daylight saving last time. I shall abstain this time - I believe that we are being rail roaded.

But, I LOVE this! it is 8.00pm and I have been out watering with a wine in my hand. I had an afternoon siesta from 4.00 to 5.30 my sluggish time of the day). and now I will create into the wee hours. YIPEE.

Sulea said...

creating into the wee hours!!!! i want to do that too!!!!!!!! my computer clock says it's 8... i think it's 9... lol *sigh* too bad i got work tomorrow :o(

carmel said...

Having been raised on daylight saving in Ireland the extra hour doesn't faze me -it's bright in Ire. until 10.30pm in Summer but dark at 4.30pm in Winter - so one hour to me is ok - we went to the dog beach on Sunday evening at 6.30pm until just before 8pm and it was lovely - Lorcan had been complaining that it's 'daylight' but Fat Cat still goes at the same time so.....he goes unless we are up to something like the beach etc. I think it will be ok in the end. Hugs, Carmel xxx