Monday, November 20, 2006

A Charmed Christmas

Instead of cards this year, i thought it would be real nice to have receive a pendant/charm or it could even be a christmas tree ornament!!! Here is a sneak preview of what i have made so far. I ran out of solder.. hence some of them are not completed lol. :o)

Thank you to Ev.. i'm not too sure who you are but thank you for the daily inspiration link. The quote for today was just so totally amazing and completely how i feel and think about life.

Today's Affirmation :
'I have compassion for myself so I can give to others without resentment.'

Some of us are impatient and intolerent of ourselves and we may not realize it but how we relate to others is a direct reflection of the way we treat ourselves. When we are scared and do not give ourselves the compassion that we need, we may find it difficult to give to others. Perhaps it is because we may think that by giving to others, we might have less love for ourselves.
When we are compassionate, by willingly giving to ourselves limitless patience, unconditional forgiveness, tolerance, complete understanding, courage and total support, it is then that we are able to understand what love is and how it relates to everyone. And when we understand what love is, instantly everyone is in this love and this understanding permeates every level of understanding. There would be no reason why anyone would be outside this love. It would be impossible to reject anyone or anything.
The more love and compassion we have for ourselves, the more we are capable of understanding others as non separate from ourselves. Because when we love, everything is embraced. And because we have compassion, everything and everyone is understood. Suddenly everything makes sense and the fear that was once there is almost non existent...
lots of love :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi there Sulea

This is such a lovely idea for Christmas presents!! You are so clever to think of doing that. And your soldering is great (I am hopeless at it).

Love the quote too. I can understand why it resonated with you :)


Dotee xoxo

ikkinlala said...

Thanks for sharing that quote.

The pendant/charms are beautiful - and such a nice idea.

susan j said...

What a beautiful quote!! I love those charms too. Your work is inspirational Sulea. I have still been visiting but not commenting always. Naughty me.

Vivian said...

love these charms... sure makes me wish i was on your list of people to send too!! ;o) beautiful!