Saturday, April 04, 2009

Yayyy it's finished

I am sooo sooooo happy right now... i didn't think i could do it but i happy with it...
YAYYYYYYYYy i hope my dad will love it... i think he will comment on the lack of animal factor... will a cow drinking from the river be too weird... i've only ever seen them in the paddock.... he wanted an autumn scene... but i'm too scared to paint red and orange trees..
This was the first time i painted on loose canvas and i really don't know why i have never done it before. Weird i thought after i painted on it.

You can see a close up version of it at this link on my flickr album. I actually loaded a larger size but looks like flickr resized it.

River gum

39 by 50 cm
acrylic on loose canvas


kelsey said...

OMG!!! Sulea, this is fantastic!!! I'm sure your father will love it and congrats on your progression through your art. I know you don't take compliments easily, bad luck.....AWESOME!!!

Xanapan said...

Hi Sulea, fantastic work! I'm amazed at the tangents your work takes you on and what you achieve!!

Chocolate Cat said...

This is amazing!! If your Dad doesn't like it feel free to send it my way!

Apple said...

Beautiful paintings!!!

Mrs Adept said...

Absolultey gorgeous~!!

janie said...

Sulea, I just saw that someone visited my blog arriving from yours. Thank you for listing me as one of your favs. I always wonder "Is there really anybody out there, or, am I talking to myself!" Ha! I just spent a long time looking through all your work! I LOVE your eye, your imagination, your soulful stories you tell thru your images. I am jealous that you can create such ethereal pieces. I would love to learn your technique. My brain doesn't let me just - well, just be free and let loose! Please share a post as to how you train your brain to do that! I wish you lived closer and taught a workshop. You could always do it online! Anyway, I am so glad I found you. I think you have a lot to say, my dear!
Bless you in your making,