Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some scenic stamping


Anonymous said...

Your scenes are just gorgeous!!! what did you use to color them?

Anonymous said...

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Dawnie said...

Love the cow in the water,he-he and wonderful use of colour Sulea.
Makes me want to get my shoes on and go walk with nature.

Hug you
Dawnie T

Anonymous said...

You certainly do magnificent art Sulea. Are you going to be selling on Etsy again soon?
Barb C

Dot said...

Sulea - your scenic stamping is exquisite! I am blessed to own some of it and I continually marvel at your colors and shading.

Stunning work!

Dawnie said...

Hi Sulea

Was hoping you might like to have dinner with Julie H tomorrow night at Nicholsons at 6. I can pick you up at quarter to if your free.
Email me, we would love to see you.

Dawnie T

Monica Kasandra said...

Hello Sulea
Your scenes are fantastic. I would like to ask which kind of color you are using and paper(?) for stampscapes scenes.
I try different kind of colors and papers, but your colors ar very bright. Please, can you help me, I am almost new with scenic stamping.
Stamping Lady alias Monica Kasandra - Denmark

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