Saturday, January 27, 2007

At Dawn

Hello there.. whoever you are out there...
So is it really 2007.. yes a little late but at least i made it. i'm giggling here at the fact that it's almost the end of January and i've finally come to terms with the fact that we will never see 2006 ever again. Daylight savings however is another matter.... let's not go there lol.

It's been over and around 38 degrees celcius in Perth over the last couple of days. It was still incredibly hot at 9 last night on Australia Day. While everyone else was probably watching the Australia Day fireworks, me and Steve were watching a different kind of fireworks. We sat on the beach at Fremantle and watched an amazing display of lightning over the ocean horizon. No rain ever came.. it felt like we were in the sweltering desert with warm wind blowing sand at our feet. Beautifully surreal .

i've been in my "what's the point of anything" mood lately. Can't seem to get going into anything. Starting but not being able to relax into it, let alone finishing it. Perhaps creativity will come soon.. it's been a good month and half now..

in the meantime, here is something i did a while ago that i haven't shown before. I was thinking about what my dad said to me once.. about the name my grandfather gave me. My name comes in 2 parts, Su and Lea. In chinese, the Lea means the first (inkling) of light at dawn... and Su means delicate or dainty. I'm not too sure i like the dainty bit... and unluckily for all my other female cousins, they too have Su in their names. Unfortunately my brother also started teasing me with Dainty Dawn for a few days after LOL.... but ...... it is really nice to know that in my darkest hour, my grandfather gave me a little torchlight to light me up once again. :o)




Julie H said...

What a beautiful name you have Sulea, and how special that it was chosen for you. Aren't brothers hilarious! Mine would tease like that too.

kelsey said...

Glad to have you back on board Sulea.....we've missed you. Gorgeous piece of artwork you've done there too! You should like your name, it's mine....even though people forget what it is occasionally, you rarely have to use your surname! lol

Natalie B said...

Sulea, Welcome back!! We've missed you. What a breathtaking piece of work!! Yummmmmmmmm. I love your name too and the meaning behind it.

Big hugs

littledawnieno1 said...

So glad you are back sulea.
Be proud of your name my lovely.How gorgeous your grandfather gave you a beautiful name.cherish that.
Love this artwork.Love everything about it.


susan j said...

YAY you are finally back!! I've been hanging out to see more of your beautiful art!! I LOVE your name!!

Mrs Adept said...

Welcome back Sulea. Hope your holidays were the best.

Love your work.

Dotee said...

I think your name is beauitiful Sulea. Has a sing song quality to it.

And this piece of art work is stunning! Ther is always so much depth and feeling in your work.