Sunday, August 09, 2009

Card making again

My friend Kerin has gotten me back to making cards again. I had thought I would have to wait for Christmas before I made anymore cards since I lost my cardmaking mojo....but she must have flicked on some dormant switch...

There are some photos here over the weekened of what Kerin and I got up to... the photos aren't quite exactly card related but it was fun. Go see... lol

I have been straying ... a little jewellery making... a little tin altering... teaching myself how to quilt.. so far i have done a sample quilt but still yet to learn how to bind, fingers crossed i can understand the book instructions.. an unfinished landscape of a little shed/shack out in the paddock, not sure when I will pick up the brush again..
Anyhow, here are some cards.. you can't quite tell from the pictures but the stripes are all 3 dimensional.. not patterned paper :o)