Saturday, November 22, 2008


' Holding on for dear life'
acrylic on canvas

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The Line Up
acrylic on canvas

oil on canvas
Dog in Ute
acrylic on canvas

7 months later

It is really strange opening up this blog page. Didn't think I'ld find my way back here.

I have been busy trying to keep up with life and making sense out of it, which really is a futile exercise if you ask me and yet stupidly I keep trying. Nothing ever makes sense and if it did, it only ever makes sense if you believe in the story you or others have made up around it. Reality is a strange story indeed.

I have often wondered which thought, all of which I called "mine" was an original thought and not a product of conditioning or any environment. To "think" that there could be such a thing as ownership of thought is hilarious, like ownership of the air you breathe or ownership of telling lies. Yet there is such a thing of ownership of land... at least they didn't go to the lengths of ownership of grains of sand.....

So... I am here for now.. The last 7 months have been filled with visitors, catastrophes, a death, accidents and dodging other miscellaneous obstacles. One day one of these miscellaneous obstacles is gonna hit me in the head... let's just pray for now as it seems the most logical choice out of an insane year.

Christmas is making me miss connecting... and remembering, wishing and hoping.

Here's some paintings I have been doing this year... will be posting some xmas cards in the next few weeks.